Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday 1/18/11 @ 5:40 pm

Today went so well. I had to teach my offical lesson which was observed by my professor. I was really nervous because I was teaching them American Money, but they did so great. The kids were on there best behavior and really interacted well. I was so proud of them. I think my lesson went great. I am so glad it is over. I am teaching a science lesson again tomorrow but I am not to worried about it since I am not getting observed lol

After school today, Teacher Shirley took 3 of us girls to the grocery store. We got to ride a trike and then a jeepney. It was an adventure. It was really fun going with locals...I felt like a local lol. I got lots of stuff to bring home for my family to try I am really excited about it ;) I just hope it all makes it home without breaking lol.

Today was a great day!! Now it is time to do homework!! FUN FUN!!! I can't believe I will be home Sunday..that is so soon!! I will miss my class since I have gotten so close to them, but it will be fun to see my family and friends again, so it is def. bittersweet.

Thanks for all the prayers!! Love you all tons! :)


  1. cant wait to see and try all the food you bring home :)

  2. YEAH YEAH!! Cant wait..love ya tons!!