Monday, August 9, 2010

It has come to an end...

It is so weird to think that this is actually the end. I will be packing up and heading home late tomorrow night. As I look back and reflect on this summer I can't believe 10 weeks have already flown by. I remember when I first arrived and how nervous I was, not knowing anyone!! I have made so many new friends this summer and I am going to miss them all so much. God taught me so much being here this summer. Even though there were super tough times God was right there along side of me the whole way. It is so incredible to go through an experience like this, where you are stripped of everything and you have to fully rely on God. I felt God in such new and amazing ways this summer. I remember feeling completely empty and just so exhausted at times, but God gave me such strength and energy when I needed it the most. There were so many times when I had no idea what to do except to open up the bible and God would speak to me through his word and that just carried me through so many times. God sent people into my life here to help me along and he sent campers in to my life to remind me why I was here. He showed me so much. I learned patience, perseverance, faith, depending on God at all times, letting go, trust, and praying without seizing. I will miss these kids so much. They brought such a joy into my life. Yes, it was super hard and there were times I didn't think I was getting through to them but at the end of the day or week, God would give me a moment that made this hard work all worth it. These moments came in many different the little girl who accepted Christ or the child that said I love you when they use to hate you or the campers prayer at night or the laughter God brought us during the hardest of times or the counselor who gave me a hug when I needed it the most or the campers that didn't want to leave on Saturday and would just sob in your arms or the camper who finally understood who God is or the time that one of my campers started to love like Jesus when the day before she was picking fights with everyone or the hugs that campers gave me...God gave me so many more of these God moments that kept me going through out this whole summer. There is so much that as gone on this past summer and I look forward to telling you all about this summer in detail sometime in person. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I couldn't have made it through without all of your love and support. This summer has definitely been one of the best and worst summers of my life and I will never forget it. I miss the kids so much already. It is hard to leave them but I will continue to pray for them everyday. Thanks again and this concludes my summer of service. Thanks for following me on my journey!!

~I added a ton of pictures on facebook from this summer so check them out~

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Finish line

We talked about how we are all in training since we have been working here this summer. That God is using this experience to shape us for the future. I dont know what God is training me for but I know he has a plan and a reason for everything that went on this summer. This summer has been challenging, rewarding, fun, hard, difficult, exciting, exhausting, and amazing. God has taught me so much this summer. I have learned more about myself and God since being here. As I go into the last week of camp, I am reflecting on all the God moments I have had this summer. These moments are what I cling to when it gets tough. I know this will be a great week but hard as well since I am so exhausted and ready to check out. I know God will help me finish my training as I approach the finish line. Thanks again for all your support, encouragement and love you all have given me over these last 9 weeks. Without your constant prayers and support I wouldnt have made it. God is so amazing and I love how he sends people in my life to remind me that he has never left my side even through the hardest of days.