Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday 1/17/11 - 6:00 am

We had such a busy weekend that I didnt get a chance to blog. So I will try and quickly tell you all that we saw. It was insane how busy and how much I learned this weekend. It was really fun. Also I am posting some pictures from this weekend...not all because there is a ton on facebook so check them out :)

Anyways on Saturday we went to the Philippines and American Memorial. It was really sad to see how many people died protect the Philippines territory from the Japanese. It was really cool though being a milititary kid and seeing the memorial. It was very nicely done. There is a big circle building in the middle and it has all the names of people that died. It was very neat to walk around that and then they had all these crosses with everyones name that has died. It was really intense and super good.

Then we went to a market to do some bartering. That was very interesting to say the least. I have some stories to tell when I am home. But it was fun to experience a Philippines market.

On Sunday we went to Corregidor Island. This is the place that the Japanese bombed after Pearl Harbor and they tried to capture this island. The United States sent troops over to help protect the Island and to help the Philippines regain control over this island. It was interesting to see how the troops lived and fought on this Island. I loved it. I learned so much about World War 2 it was super fun.

Then we went to Mall of Asia to have dinner. This is the biggest mall in Asia. It was really pretty because it was along the water and the mall was like an indoor/outdoor mall it was weird but super cool.

We had a great fun weekend. Now it is time to start the work week :) I am excited to see my kids again!!

Love you all and thanks for the prayers. Please pray for my last week since I am getting tired, pray I have the energy to make it through my last week. Thanks everyone. Cant wait to come home and share all my stories and everything.

Also check out the pictures from this weekend :)


  1. What great experiences you are having. Wow! Only one more week! I am sure it will be a little hard to stay focused this week. I will pray that God will bless you as He blesses others through you.

  2. yeah!! one more week!!

    Im glad your having a blast i cant wait to see you in like 7 days!!

    luv ya!