Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 1/21/11 - 6:45 pm

Today was such an emotional day. I don't even know where to begin. I never knew leaving would be this hard for me. The Filipino people have touched my life. They are completely amazing. The teachers and students at the school have become like family to me. The way they opened up to us and welcomed us in was amazing. I am so grateful that God sent me to the Philippines. It has been such an amazing opportunity to love on these people, to be loved by them, and to feel God's amazing presence. When we were all talking tonight one of my Professors said that God sent us all here for a reason. It is all part of God's amazing plan and a piece of the puzzle for our lives. God is using this to prepare us for his purpose for our life. That was so encouraging to me. I loved thinking in that way. It makes it so exciting knowing God is using this to prepare me for his plan for my life. What is more exciting then that??

The kids were so sweet today. I got so many amazing letters from them all. All day they kept telling me all of these sweet things like...

"Thanks for blessing us"
"May God bless you and may you have a safe trip back to the states"
"Thank you for teaching us and guiding us"
"Thanks for loving us"
"Thanks for singing to us and teaching us songs"

And so many more amazing things...i couldn't handle was so sweet..i lost it. These kids have blessed my life way more then they know. At the end of the day they threw me a surprise party. It was so sweet of them. Their parents brought all of this food broke my heart. My kids are basically the poorest of the poor and they are giving me the best that they have. It just taught me so much. I mean I could not help but be amazed at their families. They did not care that they had nothing, but gave all they could so that I would be happy and leave remembering that they gave there best to me. It made me think of God and how he calls us to give him all that we have. It made me just think? Am I giving God all that I have or am I just giving just enough? I mean these kids just touched my life so much., I am still amazed that they gave me their best. They weren't selfish, they loved me enough to do that. It makes me want to give more of myself to God, why be selfish, he is the one that gave us this life. I just have so much to sort through..sorry if this is confusing. It's hard to put all that I am feeling in words. But the food was amazing. Home cooked meals. Loved it. It was the sweetest thing ever. Then a little boy only ate half of his food and said he was saving the rest for his mom and his sister..i mean that just killed sweet. These kids know alot about true love. They taught me so much today. I am going to miss them more then they know.

Then after school all the teachers had a little get together for us Taylor Students. It was incredible. They did not have a big presentation, or lots of gifts, or lots of food but it was so sentimental and something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a time of thanking God for this amazing opportunity and a time for the teachers to thank us and for the taylor students to thank them. I loved it and I have never cried so much in my life. God was def. in that place and it was evident. I mean to live so far apart and to worship the same God is incredible. They talked about how much we blessed them and we talked about how much they had blessed us. I can't even put into words how incredible this time of fellowship was. We have become family and leaving them is the hardest thing ever. I am so thankful that God gave us this opportunity to come and be blessed by these amazing people. I will miss them all so much and I hope God willing that I get an opportunity to come back here to see them all again. I love them all so much!!

I am so sorry this is chaotic..i cant even put into words how I feel right now.


  1. Your post reminded me of a saying that I saw one time--I can't remember how it was worded--more clever than this but basically it said you cannot be a little bit generous. You have been most generous in your love and I can understand why the Filipinos responded accordingly. You are blessed and you are a blessing.